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Expert Soft Washing Services in Guernsey

Transforming your property with safe and effective low-pressure cleaning. Eradicating algae, lichens, and moss to enhance the beauty of your home or business.

Why Choose Soft Washing for Your Property?

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Gentle Yet Effective

Soft washing uses low-pressure techniques that are tough on dirt and gentle on surfaces, ensuring thorough cleaning without damage.

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Our soft washing solutions are environmentally friendly, safeguarding your surroundings while effectively removing unwanted growths like algae and moss.

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Long-Lasting Results

The soft washing process not only cleans but also helps in preventing the quick return of algae, lichens, and moss, ensuring longer-lasting cleanliness.

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Enhances Property Appearance

Improve your property's curb appeal with our soft washing services. We restore the beauty of your building, making it look like new.

Experience the efficiency of Soft Wash Solutions low pressure wide fan jet technology. Unlike traditional high-pressure methods, our innovative approach ensures a deep, even clean without the risk of damage. This technique allows us to cover larger areas more effectively, guaranteeing a thorough and gentle cleanse for your property's exterior.

Soft wash jet cleaning on redwood house GY1 Guernsey

Elevating Exterior Cleaning Standards

This versatile equipment allows us to access hard-to-reach areas with ease, ensuring every part of your property receives the meticulous attention it deserves. Safety and precision are at the heart of our services; our cherry picker enables us to undertake thorough cleaning projects with unparalleled accuracy and care.

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Our promise

Quality Render Cleaning

See the difference as our experts meticulously treat and refresh your home’s exterior surfaces for a pristine finish.

No power? No problem

Our cutting-edge Thermatec system paired with a powerful generator, showcased in the photo, defines our method. No access to an electrical supply? No problem. Soft Wash Solutions brings the power to you, ensuring unmatched cleaning performance on every job. Discover a new era in exterior cleaning with our innovative approach.

Thermatec system for softwash

How we do it

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Evaluate the Surface

Thoroughly inspect the render to identify the type and extent of contamination, such as algae, moss, or lichens.

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Apply a specialised cleaning solution tailored to the specific contaminants, ensuring effective soft washing without damage to the render.

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Gentle Application

Utilise a low-pressure spray system, such as the advanced Thermatec, to apply the cleaning solution evenly across the render.

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Algae Eradication

The soft washing process eliminates algae, moss, and lichens, leaving the render surfaces spotless and sanitised.

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Final Rinse

Thoroughly rinse the treated render to remove any remaining cleaning solution and contaminants.

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Protective Coating

Consider applying a protective coating to the render for long-lasting resistance against future algae growth, preserving the cleanliness achieved through soft washing.

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